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How Digital,
How Fast?

International Conference
on Innovation
in the Construction

Third edition

Main sponsors

INNOCONSTRUCT 2023, 3rd edition

The third edition of the International Conference INNOCONSTRUCT - How Digital, How Fast, proposes this year a series of events dedicated to the advancement of digitalization in the construction industry. In 2023 we highlight new approaches to developing digital skills in construction and technologies and solutions that support digitalization, energy efficiency.

The first day of the conference is dedicated to the presentation of smart technologies and solutions, representative case studies on the digitalization of the industry, trends in the sector; the second day combines the round table debate on: digitalization, classification system, circular economy and the future of professions, with the practical part, where a Hackathon and a Match-Making event will take place in parallel.

Thus, the INNOCONSTRUCT conference takes a practical approach to the subject and brings together large and small companies from various sub-sectors of the construction industry as well as technology companies, universities from different countries, representatives of the European Commission, government and local authorities, relevant NGOs and social partners, construction clusters from different Member States and representatives of expert bodies and networks to ensure that all stakeholders contribute to the dialogue.

The TEC Cluster was established in 2019 around a common goal of improving the competitiveness of the construction sector through innovation and digital transformation. Our main goal is to contribute to the larger common European targets towards accelerated digitalization of the industry by 2030 and to increase the level of innovation and integration of digital technologies in the construction sector, which is one of the weakest performing sectors in the EU in these dimensions.

Simultaneous translation will be provided for Romanian and English. On the second day of the conference, there will be two series of roundtables running in parallel, so participants will be invited to choose which roundtable they would like to attend in each series.

More than 300 managers and experts in construction, technology, BIM, public administration will be present at the conference.

Keep up to date with INNOCONSTRUCT 2023 - International Conference for the Digitisation of the Construction Industry!

The 3rd edition of INNOCONSTRUCT 2023 took place on 18-19 May. We would like to thank our partners, sponsors, supporters, students and of course the speakers for their support of the event.

You can also pre-register for the next edition of INNOCONSTRUCT by filling in the form below

INNOCONSTRUCT 2023 is an international conference dedicated to advancing the digitisation process in the construction industry. The third edition of the event will bring together companies from various sub-sectors of the construction industry, universities, representatives of the European Commission, government and local authorities, NGOs and social partners. The conference will be structured over two days and will include presentations of smart solutions and technologies, relevant case studies, roundtables and a hackathon. Simultaneous translation into Romanian and English will be provided.

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    Media Partners

    Revolutionary Match-Making Event at INNOCONSTRUCT 2023

    The Match-Making event that will take place during the third edition of the International Conference on Innovation in the Construction Industry, INNOCONSTRUCT 2023- "How digital, How fast?", is an opportunity for participants to lay the foundations for new partnerships or future collaborations. Participants will be able to connect with key stakeholders in construction, public administration and related fields.

    Match-Making Event Redefining Collaboration in the Romanian Construction Industry

    The Match-Making event will take place on 19 May in the New York Room in the form of 20-minute one-on-one sessions where you can connect with other conference participants who have expressed an interest in meeting you.

    Registration for Match-Making will be done using the B2Match platform, specially designed for such a format, and involves completing the profile.



    Official opening

    Sebastian BURDUJA - tbc

    Minister for Research, Innovation and Digitalization

    Panel 1

    Orsolya KOVER

    Adviser at the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration


    Inspector General ISC

    Octavian Georgescu

    Cristian ONOFREI

    Paul Swaddle

    Panel 2

    Calin Gruia

    Luminița POPESCU

    Director Man and Machine Romania

    Tiberiu Visan

    Luminița POPESCU

    Director Man and Machine Romania

    Sergiu BEJAN

    Prof. dr. Acting Director-General of Î. S ,,State Road Administration", Republic of Moldova

    Panel 3

    Dan Moraru

    founder ALLBIM NET

    Zoltán PLOSZ

    Managing Director Reflex Software

    Romina Posea

    Radu Zanfir

    Sales Manager TotalSoft

    Daniel UNGUREANU

    Eugen URSU

    Sales Manager Graphein

    Panel 4

    Cătălin LUNGU

    Iuliana CHILEA

    Liviu MUȘAT

    Director General ADR-South Muntenia

    Ancuța MĂGUREAN

    Ecover PROIECT

    Panel 5


    Humberto Varum

    João Poças Martins

    Pedro Mêda

    Horia PETRAN

    Rodica LUPU

    Last edition

    The 2nd INNOCONSTRUCT 2022 - "The Road to Digital Transformation" focused on defining the steps, framework and tools needed to accelerate digital transformation in the sector.

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